Toads drowned in dislikes: gameplay of the Battletoads restart from gamescom 2019 published

At E3 2019, the developers of the Battletoads reboot showed the first trailer with gameplay footage. Fans

reacted negatively to the new style, but were still unable to evaluate the gameplay. Thanks to Gamersyde, gamers now have this opportunity.

What is known

Journalists brought 8 minutes of gameplaystraight from gamescom 2019, and also in 4K resolution. The video showed the first level, in which the player is taught the basics of the combat system. At the end of the fighting toads, the boss was waiting, with whom the heroes dealt with without using any special tactics, simply bombarding the poor fellow with blows.

Also worth noting are the weird “hitboxes.”and enemies who behave passively on the battlefield. In the comments, gamers have already spoken out about the game, and the developers are unlikely to be happy with such a reaction. The mood of the players is also shown by the statistics of likes and dislikes under the video. At the same time, it is worth remembering that this is only a training level and it will not be so easy for players in the future.