Together, but apart: Italy figured out how to use a small fleet of F-35B Lightning II fighters

The Italian military has finally decided on how it will manage its small fleet of fighter jets.

fifth generation F-35 Lightning II.

What is known

Naval and Air Force of Italyreceived 15 aircraft. Despite the rivalry between the two services, they will have to agree to the joint use of American fifth-generation fighters.

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F-35B Lightning II will perform training andmissions together. However, after completing the tasks, they will return to their air bases. For the Naval Forces, it is located in the town of Taranto Grottaglia, and for the Air Force - in Amendola. The dispersal among the bases is due to security considerations.

More details were revealed by Luca Goretti (LucaGoretti, commander of the Italian Air Force. According to him, in the event of an operation in the fleet, the Italian Air Force will send pilots, maintenance personnel and F-35B Lightning II on the aircraft carrier Cavour under the command of the Navy. For the Air Force-led operation, an identical "package" will be offered to the Italian Navy.

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Both services are already in preparation.expeditionary missions. To do this, the Air Force uses F-35B Lightning aircraft at a forward military base with a shortened runway. The navies sent their fighter jets to the island of Pantelleria to prepare for joint missions.