Tomorrow No Man’s Sky will receive a Synthesis update of 300 changes on all fronts

Even after four years, No Man’s Sky continues to grow in large and free updates. Developers

from Hello Games announced the ninth update, which this time was nicknamed "Synthesis".

What is known

If you believe the authors of the game, the new update will add the most requested features and changes by players. As a result, more than 300 improvements and innovations fit into Synthesis.

“This is called the Synthesis update because it is a set of functions that create a coherent whole,” the developers explained.

One of the main innovations can be calledmerging standard and VR versions of the game. With the release of Synthesis, all No Man’s Sky players will have access to the photo mode, as well as be able to saddle space creatures. At least those who do not want to gobble up the player.

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Hello Games also improved the space map andinterface design, and frequently used actions are now faster. Improvements include: instant access to the Galactic trading terminal, the purchase of Planetary Charts passes through the store, not a dialogue, the speed of a pulse drive is increased, and so on.

Refined and construction. Firstly, in the surface change system, developers have added an undo function, new visual effects and new cutting tools. Secondly, new triangular building components have appeared. In addition, developers cut the price of buildings.

Synthesis will also add the ability to disassemble ships for parts, receiving resources. Read the detailed list of changes on the official website of the game.

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