Too few players: Battlefield 5 will lose the “battle royale” mode for two

In April, the battle royale Firestorm for Battlefield 5 acquired a temporary mode for two. Before this, gamers

could play either alone or in a squad. The community liked the idea, and the developers were asked to leave the mode, but a month later, DICE decided to disable “duets.”

What is known

The Battlefield 5 team reported that the selectionplayers for two-player mode will be disabled. According to the developers, gamers more often play in a squad or alone, and “duos” have lost popularity. It looks like the overall player base isn't enough to cover all the modes in Battlefield 5's battle royale.

"Since we brought back duets, we've noticed thatMore and more people are switching to squad mode, and fewer and fewer people are choosing to enter Firestorm in a duo. So we decided to go back to the original plan and disable matchmaking for this mode,” DICE wrote on the Reddit forum.

At the same time, the solo and team battle modes will remain as they were at the launch of Firestorm. In addition, DICE does not rule out that in the future they will return the two-player mode.