Top 10 iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max Features

Yesterday, Apple presented its flagships, which are again two this year. This time, smartphones again have displays on

the entire front panel, a notch on the screen, Face ID and new names. Want to know about the best features of the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max? Then read on.

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1. New 6.5-inch model

iPhone Xs is not one model, but two. Apple took the iPhone Plus variant and adapted it for the iPhone X. The updated iPhone X is called iPhone Xs. He has the same 5.8-inch Super Retina display.

Another big version of the iPhone Xs with 6 appeared.5 inch display. Its display is an inch wider, but it fits in a Plus-sized case. The company decided that this model needs a new name. They became the iPhone Xs Max. Pronouncing such a name is not so simple, but what to do.

Forget the name and talk about the display itself. This is an OLED display, and it is the largest of all iPhone displays. It supports HDR and wide color gamut. Both displays hold 458 pixels per inch. Resolution iPhone Xs Max - as much as 2688 × 1242.

The iPhone Xs looks like the iPhone X, and the iPhone Xs Max looks like an enlarged version of the iPhone X.

2. The first 7nm processor A12 Bionic

Last year's A11 Bionic processor was a monster. In terms of benchmark values, he overtook even the MacBook. And the A12 Bionic processor should be even faster.

The A12 processor was the first processor createdBased on 7nm process. Companies like Intel have been trying to achieve this for years. The A12 Bionic processor consists of three parts: the central processor, the graphic processor and the Neural Engine.

The central processor consists of 6 cores: two with high performance and 4 energy-saving. Now all 6 cores can work simultaneously. Powerful cores are 15% faster than the A11 processor, while energy-saving cores are 50% more economical.

The graphics processor consists of 4 cores. The A11 was the industry leader, and the A12 was even 50% faster. This is a huge difference that will significantly improve the work of augmented reality.

In addition, the A12 processor includes an 8-coreNeural Engine. It can produce 5 trillion operations per second. By comparison, the Neural engine in the A11 Bionic was capable of just 600 million operations. The 8-core chip is incredibly powerful and contributes to better machine learning, Smart HDR, Core ML, and more.

How can this be used in reality? According to Apple, applications will launch 30% faster compared to the already fast iPhone X.

In addition, both flagships now have 4GB of RAM, rather than 3GB, like the iPhone X.

3. Degree protect IP68

The new iPhone is better protected from water, splashes and dust. Both models are IP68 rated. This means that they can withstand up to 30 minutes at a depth of 2 meters. For comparison, iPhone X with a degree of IP67 can only be immersed by 1 meter.

4. Function Smart hdr

Most features of new smartphonesmatch up. Both the iPhone Xs and Xs Max have a dual 12MP main camera, the technical specifications of which remain the same as on the iPhone X. However, the sensors have become much faster.

Most interesting is the new Computational Photography feature. In fact, now Apple uses the ISP and Neural Engine in the A12 Bionic processor to operate the camera.

The result is a new feature - Smart HDR. According to Apple, you can take pictures in the worst conditions (against the sun or in twilight), and thanks to Smart HDR they will turn out amazing.

There will be no delay when taking a picture. Smart HDR makes 4 main frames in high resolution and 4 additional frames. A slow shutter speed is also taken. The Neural Engine then combines all the frames for the best result with good dynamic range and crisp details.

5. Depth function

Apple brings bokeh effect to a brand newlevel by improving the Portrait mode. New smartphones have become better at recognizing faces. Now the edges of the glasses and hair will not be blurred. Moreover, you can edit the background blur level on ready-made photos. You can change the bokeh level from f1.4 to f16. This applies to both the main and front cameras.

6. New gold color

iPhone Xs looks exactly like iPhone X, andiPhone Xs Max - as its larger version. Smartphone frames are made of surgical stainless steel, and the front and back are covered with glass panels.

iPhone Xs is available in the new Gold color, which resembles the Golden iPhone 5s.

7. Improved technology Face ID

Face ID technology is faster and better in newiPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max. The new system uses improved algorithms, and Secure Enclave protection has been improved. This means that Face ID will recognize you much faster.

8. Model with 512GB memory

iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max are available with three memory options 64GB, 256GB and 512GB. This is half a terabyte in your pocket!

An iPhone Xs with 64GB of memory costs 87,990 rubles, and with 512GB - 118,990 rubles. An iPhone Xs Max with 64GB of memory costs 96,990 rubles, and with 512GB it costs 12,7990 rubles. This is almost 130,000 rubles for the iPhone.

9. Two SIM cards

Both models support two SIM cards, but not ordinary SIM cards. In addition to the main slot for a regular SIM card, the new models contain eSIM technology, as in the iPad and Apple Watch.

ESIM is not supported by all carriers. Currently, the following operators support it: Vodafone, T-Mobile, Airtel and Jio.

In China, iPhone Xs Max will be sold with support for two ordinary SIM cards. They will fit in one wide slot to save space.

Both models support Gigabit-class LTE, and, according to Apple, they have the best roaming support among all smartphones.

10. Superior battery

At first glance, this does not seem significant, but the duration of the new iPhone has become better. Compared to the iPhone X, the iPhone Xs can last 30 minutes longer.

iPhone Xs Max is even more powerful. It has the largest battery of all iPhones. Together with the performance of the new A12 Bionic processor, the battery of this model can work 1.5 hours longer than the iPhone X. Now the iPhone can actively work even more than a day.

Differences iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max

Above, we talked about the general characteristics of the new smartphones. Now briefly go over their differences.

The main difference is the size. IPhone Xs 5.The diagonal 8-inch display, and the iPhone Xs Max - 6.5-inch. iPhone Xs are 143.6mm long and Max is 157.5mm long. The iPhone Xs are 70.9mm wide and Max is only 7mm wider.

The iPhone Xs weighs 177g and the iPhone Xs Max weighs 208g. The large iPhone Xs Max lasts longer than the iPhone Xs for 1 hour when browsing the Internet and playing videos, and for 5 hours when playing audio.

There is a difference in cost. iPhone Xs Max is $ 100 (or 9000r) more expensive than iPhone Xs.