Top 10,000 mAh Power Banks: Quick Review

It so happened that most people today cannot imagine themselves without the constant use of various

gadgets, and anywhere, anytime. But we know that mobile devices need electricity, which, unfortunately, is not always enough for a long time. We are afraid to stay in a place where there is no power outlet in order to recharge our smartphone tablet. But there is always a compromise option - an external battery or a bank. Usually the best option is a capacity of 10,000 mAh, since this can be put in your pocket, and it can hold for a long time. Let's see which models are most in demand.


The first in the review is popular and not justbecause an excellent, external TopON TOPT10 battery. This is the best solution for any smartphone. It supports high-speed 18-watt charging, while it has three connectors: these are standard micro-USB and USB-A. and also for many still inaccessible (hi to state employees) - USB-C. In general, it supports any gadgets, quickly charges, and it charges very quickly.

With a considerable capacity, the dimensions of the banksmall, in addition, the device is lightweight, just to carry everywhere with you. The case here is aluminum, the battery thickness is 14 millimeters, if the display with information about the charge level, it is very convenient when you find yourself near a power outlet, and you can quickly recharge the bank if necessary. It supports the simultaneous connection of two devices, with a maximum output of 12 volts and 3 amperes. The cost of this bank in the region of two thousand rubles.

Samsung EB-U1200

The peculiarity of this model is that it hassupport for wireless charging, that is, you can simply put a smartphone or tablet (suitable) on this device, and no connectors are needed. There is no micro USB here, only USB types A and C. Instead of the display, several diodes show the display level.

At the output, the EB-U1200 has a maximum of 2 amperes, which corresponds to the second-generation high-speed charging mode. The battery weighs 234 grams, which is very small for such a capacity.

CND-TPBQC10 by Canyon

Another battery with a USB-C port,supporting fast charging. But there are already four connectors themselves, including two ordinary USB and one micro-USB. Perfect for charging Android smartphones and tablets. The case of a power bank made of aluminum alloy, weighing less than 250 grams, looks more concise in comparison with the previous model. This is a black classic, a sort of energy brick. Two devices can be connected at the same time, with a maximum output of 2 amperes.