Top 25 Jailbreak Tips for iOS 12 - iOS 12.1.2

Unc0ver jailbreak for iOS 12 – iOS 12.1.2 is publicly available and many users have already installed it. Right after

After installing the tool, everyone will first start installing tweaks for it. We will make this task easier for you with a selection of the 25 best tweaks for iOS 12 – iOS 12.1.2.

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Not much time has passed since the releasejailbreak iOS 12, so many tweaks so far that are incompatible with it. Fortunately, the developers are already diligently working to make compatible tweaks much more.

Top tweaks foriOS 12 – iOS 12.1.2

# 1 iCleanerPro

Tweak iCleaner Pro - this is how the program CleanMyMacfor iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It erases all unnecessary files, like unused languages, keyboards, voice control languages, etc. Tweak helps free up a lot of memory on your device. It is especially useful when memory is at its limit.

# 2 Barmoji

Use the empty space under the iPhone X keyboard with benefit - display the emoji there.

# 3 HideBarX

Get rid of the Home indicator at the bottom of the iPhone X screen.

# 4 Semperon

Turn on the Always-On display on the iPhone X with the time, date, and new notifications. Note that the tweak consumes the battery faster.


Use this tweak to roll back to older versions of applications from the App Store.

# 6 CCLinker

Go to the settings of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth by long pressing the icons in the control point.

# 7 Safari Plus

Adds many useful features to Safari, including the ability to download videos.


Turns off the screenshot sound.

# 9 AppHide

With the help of this tweak hide some applications on your iPhone.

# 10 Instagram ++

Adds many new and useful features to the Instagram app.

# 11 Eclipse X

Add dark mode in iOS 12 and popular third-party applications. This tweak can be used with Noctis12.

# 12 Night Maps

Adds a dark mode to Google Maps, Apple Maps, Nokia Maps, etc.

# 13 mikoto

Adds many useful device customization options.

# 14 CCModules

Add new useful icons to the Management Point.

# 15 TSS Saver

With this tweak save files SHSH blobs directly from your smartphone.

# 16 NoBetaAlert

Get rid of notifications that you have a beta version of iOS. Tweak is especially useful if you have iOS 12.1.1 beta 3.

# 17 Filza File Manager

Powerful file manager for iPhone.

# 18 ShortLook

Makes notification design better.

# 19 DarkSounds

Adds a dark mode to the Apple Music app.

# 20 Deluminator

Add dark mode to your favorite sites. Especially suitable for iPhone X owners, because saves battery.

# 21 AnimationsBeFast

Accelerates animation in the system.

# 22 Cylinder

Adds animation to the application icons on the home screen when turning pages. There are a choice of about twenty animations.

# 23 Notifica

Allows you to customize notifications to your taste.

# 24 Cercube for YouTube

Adds useful features to the YouTube app, such as the ability to download videos, block ads, play videos in the background, etc.

# 25 Floaty Dock

Adds an iPad-style dock to iPhone with the ability to add a fifth icon to it.

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