Top 3 Health Benefits of Coffee

Many people prefer to drink coffee after dinner. But is it good for health? How does coffee affect

on our body? Discuss

Coffee allows you to cheer up and for a whilefeel fit. However, not all people can drink it immediately after a meal. It is not recommended to do this for those who suffer from iron deficiency and anemia. The thing is that because of the polyphenols in coffee, iron is absorbed by the body worse. In addition, a cup of coffee after a meal will harm those who drink calcium supplements: due to caffeine, this element is washed out of the body.

As for the positive effect of coffee on a person, there are three such benefits.

  1. Liver health. In moderate doses, coffee has a positive effect onthe work of the liver. Thanks to polyphenols, coffee stimulates the production of bile, reduces the accumulation of fat. In this case, you need to drink coffee without sweeteners or sugar.

  1. Acceleration of metabolism. If you drink a cup of coffee at the end of dinner, it willhelp digestion. It is also not recommended to drink coffee after dinner for those who suffer from reflux, as this drink will produce even more gastric juice.

  2. Benefits for the heart. With regular and balanced usecoffee you can prevent the development of hypertension. A large number of scientific papers, in addition, prove that coffee can reduce the likelihood of heart disease.

News stories cannot be equated with a doctor's prescription. Before making a decision, consult a specialist.