Top Battery Cases for iPhone X and iPhone XS

The iPhone X and iPhone XS have fairly large batteries, and these models are usually able to last

whole day without recharging.But what to do when traveling? Or if you often watch Netflix on your smartphone or like to play mobile PUBG? You should probably consider purchasing a battery case.

Advantages of the case over the usual portablecharging is obvious: you do not need to connect anything or carry a heavy unit. Such an accessory will protect the smartphone in the fall, and double the battery life. Here are the best battery covers iPhone X / XS to date.

Apple Smart Battery Case for iPhone XS

Apple recently revived the Smart Battery Case– a line of silicone cases with a built-in battery. Such cases can be purchased on the official Apple website or from retailers. They are officially compatible with iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. Although the iPhone X is not listed, the case actually works with that model – with a couple of compromises, but still.

If you have a new iPhone XS and 11 thousandrubles, the official Apple case will be the best choice. This is one of the few cases that supports Qi wireless charging and charges via Lightning rather than USB-C. The case is made of thick silicone, inside – microfiber lining.

One of the most underrated benefits of SmartBattery Case is that with it you can simultaneously charge your phone and use wired accessories – for example, EarPods or other headphones via a Lightning/3.5 mm adapter. This feature is not found in any other case on our list.

According to Apple, this iPhone XS case will last an additional 33 hours of talk time, 21 hours of Internet surfing, or up to 25 hours of video playback.

Buy Apple Smart Battery Case for iPhone XS ($ 183)

Trianium atomic pro

Trianium Atomic Pro is currently –The best battery case for most iPhone users who don't want to spend money on a Smart Battery Case. Such cases are available for both the iPhone X and iPhone XS, and their price tag is $100 lower than the official ones from Apple.

The creators of Atomic Pro tried to preserveThere is an optimal balance between the capacity of the built-in battery and the size of the case, so the battery here is 4,000 mAh – less than some of the accessories on our list, but enough for an additional 8 hours of talk time or 11 hours of Internet surfing.

In the case there is only one connector, micro USB, so youYou will not be able to use accessories with a 3.5 jack or Lightning connector, or charge it via a USB-C cable. Wireless charging is also not here, and you have to think about buying a Bluetooth headset if you want to wear this case all the time.

LEDs allow you to monitor charge levelscover – the same system is used in many portable chargers. One of the best features of this model is its design: this durable case will protect your iPhone when dropped on a hard surface.

Buy Trianium Atomic Pro for iPhone X and iPhone XS ($23.99)

Alpatronix BXX

The case from Alpatronix can be called classicmodel. A fairly average capacity of 5,200 mAh, charging via micro USB, no support for Lightning accessories, and the list goes on. But it has one important difference, which secured this case a place on our list – it supports Qi wireless charging.

If you charge your iPhone usingwireless charging, then a regular battery case will only be an obstacle and will have to be removed every time. At the same time, with the solution from Alpatronix you can kill two birds with one stone: simply place your smartphone in a case on the wireless charging mat to recharge both devices. If you have Air Pods, then you can completely avoid wires – Isn't this the future?

Buy Alpatronix BBX for iPhone X and iPhone XS ($ 39.95)

iPossible Battery Case

The iPossible Battery Case combinesquite modest dimensions with a large built-in battery. This is one of the few models where the battery is evenly distributed across the entire back panel, due to which the lower part of the smartphone will not weigh down. The battery capacity here is 6,500 mAh – twice as much as the iPhone XS, – and the price tag won't burn a hole in your budget.

Buy iPossible Battery Case ($ 26.86)

Vproof Magnet Battery Case

Several things are notable about this model.Firstly, the thin body houses a 4,000 mAh battery – As with the previous model, this is made possible by the fact that the battery occupies the entire rear panel. Secondly, its ergonomic design. Thanks to the curved edges, it fits perfectly in the hand.

Finally, last but not least – VIt has a built-in magnet, due to which it can be attached to literally any metal surface – in the bathroom and kitchen this can be especially useful.

Buy Vproof Magnet Battery Case ($ 26.99)

EasyAcc Rugged Wireless Battery Case

Looking for a truly reliable case?Take a closer look at EasyAcc – This case is additionally reinforced to save your smartphone even in a serious drop, and is equipped with a 5,000 mAh battery that will add approximately 14 hours of video playback. Additional bonus – Wireless charging support. Thanks to this, you can ditch the wires and use your Qi mat (or stand) for both your smartphone and case.

Since the case does not connect to Lightning, thisconnector remains free. If you are not yet ready to completely abandon the wires, this cover is ideal for you, because it allows you to connect Lightning headphones (or any other, but with an adapter).

Buy EasyAcc Rugged Wireless Battery Case ($ 39.99)

Moment Battery Case

Case for those who are mobilephotos seriously. It's quite possible that you already have a pair of the famous Moment lenses for iPhone – their macro and “fisheye” especially popular. This case from the same manufacturer allows you to use additional lenses while charging your phone on the go so you can capture more. There is also an external camera button for more comfortable shooting.

Buy Moment Battery Case ($ 99.99)

Feob Ultra Slim Battery Case

You read this article and think what all theseAre the accessories bulky? Not the case from Feob! It will add only 4 mm of thickness and 100 g of weight to your smartphone! At the same time, the 5,200 mAh battery will double the operating time of your iPhone (that's 6 hours of gaming or 18 hours of watching videos). In addition, the design of this case looks great: the thickness of the case is the same on all sides, and this is in harmony with the uniform and very thin bezels around the display of the iPhone X/XS itself. The accessory is available in three colors – black, red and rose gold.

Buy Feob Ultra Slim Battery Case ($ 23.90)

Maxbear Ultra Slim Case

In this model, the frames around the display are even thinner, andthere is practically no “chin” below. The 5,200 mAh battery will double the battery life of your iPhone X or XS. It's also a great option if the standard black and white cases aren't for you: the Maxbear Ultra Slim Case is available in rich red and blue.

Buy Maxbear Ultra Slim Case ($ 22.50)

Newdery battery case

The model from Newdery combines practicallyall the advantages of the above cover. It is equipped with a large 6,000 mAh battery while remaining quite thin. It will extend the operating time of your smartphone by 170% – this is approximately 26 hours of Internet surfing or 42 hours of talk time.

The design is minimalistic and ergonomic:There is no pronounced “chin” at the bottom, but the battery does not cover the entire back panel of the case. There is a magnet on the back panel, which allows you to attach the smartphone in the case to any magnetic stand.

The case is made of soft polyurethane, whichprotects the smartphone from falling, but does not make the smartphone too heavy. Even with a 6,000 mAh battery, it only adds 8mm of thickness and 140g of weight to your iPhone.

Newdery also supports EarPods and any otherheadphones with a Lightning connector (if you have headphones with a 3.5 jack, you will have to use an adapter). The only drawback of this case – it does not support wireless charging.

Buy Newdery Battery Case ($ 24.98)

Most of the covers listed in this article are available only on Amazon. How to order from the USA with delivery to Russia, read here.

Best Battery Case for iPhone X and iPhone XS

Summarizing: If you are ready to spend a substantial amount on the official case, then Apple's Smart Battery Case will be an excellent choice. If your budget is limited, we advise you to pay attention to the Trianium Atomic Pro. But, of course, it is worth picking up a cover, proceeding from your requirements. If you use a magnetic stand, then Vproof Magnet Battery Case or Newdery Battery Case will be most welcome.

Do you use a battery case on your iPhone? If so, how? Tell us about it in the comments!