Top Free Currency Converters for iPhone and iPad

Are you planning a trip to another country, often buy things in foreign online stores or regularly

Do you deal with currency at work?In any of these situations, you will probably need a convenient currency converter for your iOS smartphone or tablet. We have put together for you a selection of the 5 best currency converters and calculators that can be downloaded for free.


This is a handy application with the support of the Russian language, in which courses of 150 currencies are available (including virtual ones like Bitcoin and Ethereum).

According to the operating principleCurrencyremindsWorld Clockon iOS:All selected currencies are presented as a list on the main screen. Tap the main currency (for example, Russian rubles) and enter the amount, after which the application will show its equivalent in all currencies. Add new currencies by clicking the button+at the top right of the screen, or swipeto the left to remove unnecessary things: the Delete button will appear on the right. You can also change the order of currencies in the list and adjust the font size and type - bold or regular. There is support for a dark theme.

To upgrade the course, pull the start page down.

UCurrencythere is also a widget for the screenToday, so to obtain the necessary information it is notyou even need to open the application itself. All functionality is provided for free, but you can upgrade to the Pro version for 299 rubles to remove ads and support the developer (yes, in the singular - created and supportsCurrencyjust one person).

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My Currency Converter & Rates

This is the only application on our list that does not support the Russian language, but it is extremely easy to use even in English. Like the previous program,My Currency Converter & Ratessupports 150+ currencies, including cryptocurrencies, but you cannot transfer multiple currencies at the same time.

MyCurrency Converter & Ratesworks like a currency calculator: enter the desired amount and source currency, then select the currency to transfer. Click on the green buttonSwitchto swap currencies in places. In settings (Settings) you can choose how many digits will be displayedafter comma - from 2 to 4. This is an ideal application if you do not need to constantly monitor the dynamics of quotations of different currencies, but from time to time you need to find out how much something costs in terms of rubles or another currency.

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Manitou - exchange rates

In this application from Russian developersYou can view the rate of selected currencies against the Russian ruble and track the dynamics of the course in the form of graphs. Under the graph is the statistics for the selected period: the maximum, minimum and average value, as well as the change in the course during this time.

The Pro version has no ads and adds a featurePiggy bank. In this section, you can make the amount of their savings in rubles, after which you will be able to track their currency equivalent.

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Converter with a minimalist design (somethingreminds Material Design in Android). But do not let the simple interface fool you: xCurrency presents all the functionality that you expect to see in this type of application, and even more: in addition to the usual and cryptocurrency, there are quotes of gold, silver and platinum.

By default, the application gives the value of 100 units of currency, but this can be changed in the settings (Profile>Tinctures>Default currency). You can also set the main currency in the application and widget.

If the design of an application is as important to you as its functionality,xCurrencyyou will definitely like it.

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Exchange rates and oil

As the name suggests, in this application youYou will find the rate of not only ordinary and virtual currencies, but also quotes for oil and precious metals (gold, silver, platinum and palladium). There are three currencies to choose from on the start screen. The operating principle here is the same as inCurrency, - but it is much more convenient that the keyboard is constantly on the screen.

It is possible to track how the course has changed forthe last time, but you can select a period (3 weeks by default) and enable the display of dates on the chart only in the paid version. Turning off ads and changing the color theme of the application is also available only after paying for the Pro-subscription.

By clicking on the bank icon in the upper left corner onthe start screen, you will open a list of Russian banks and the prices at which they sell and buy the selected currency. A separate column indicates how long the information has been updated.

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