Top Free Weather Widgets for iPhone

iPhone and iPad have a handy standard Weather app where you can see the forecast and the weather outside.

There's also a widget for the Today screen, but what if that's not enough for you, or you just want something new?

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We have compiled for you a list of the best free weather widgets for the iPhone.


The Live Weather app has a lot of details about the weather. You can find out the current weather, forecast for the future, study the rain map, etc. This is a very informative application.

On the widget, you can display short or full details depending on how much information you need. With the widget, you can quickly find out the hourly or daily weather forecast.

  • Support: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Android.
  • Price:Is freeIn-app purchases.

Weather widget

If you need a widget with a lot of styles, choose a weather widget. The application has all the necessary details about the weather with a daily and hourly forecast, local warnings, etc.

What is the best, you can choose the designwidget from a variety of options. You can choose neon, digital, metallic and other styles. In addition, each widget displays all the necessary details, so that you can safely change the annoying ones to new ones.

  • Support: iPhone, iPad and Android.
  • Price:Is freeIn-app purchases.


In addition to the usual weather details, the WeatherBug app also contains videos, an air quality map, weather news and live cameras.

On the WeatherBug widget you will find basic information and a forecast. In addition, you can receive notifications about weather conditions, as well as find out where the lightning strikes were coming from you.

  • Support: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, Android, Windows, website.
  • Price:Is freeIn-app purchases.

Accuweather: weather and precipitation

The AccuWeather app will show you the hourly and daily forecast, as well as other useful information.

On the widget you can touch the radar, whichwill immediately open the card. It also displays the current temperature, the temperature "on sensations", as well as the maximum and minimum temperature of the day. If you wish, you can view other details.

  • Support: iPhone, iPad, iMessage, Apple Watch, Apple TV, Android, Windows, website.
  • Price:Is freeIn-app purchases.

Weather underground

Weather Underground is a popular service withweather, and it is not just like that. The application has everything you need and more. You will get hourly and daily forecasts, air quality index and smart forecasts based on activity, video, news, health data and webcams.

You can use one of two widgets orboth at once. One shows current details and a weather forecast for your city. The second displays a map on which you can see the weather in other places. In addition, you can choose the style of the widget.

  • Support: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Android, website.
  • Price:Is freeIn-app purchases.

Using the widget to find out the weather is most convenient. We hope that at least one of the above applications you like!