TOP headphones. Best wireless earbuds of 2021

At one time, the headphone format "completely wireless" (TWS - True Wireless Stereo) was invented by Apple. but

the products of the Cupertino giant are verynot cheap, about 16,000 rubles. And more and more observers and ordinary users come to the conclusion that the "ears" from Apple do not justify their price. The consumer is overpaying simply for a fashion brand. Fortunately, there are now plenty of alternatives to Apple headphones with much lower prices - there is plenty to choose from. Here's a list of the best wireless earbuds of 2021. Of course, the year has just begun, so as new interesting models are released, we will update the materials in the rating.

Top earphones 2021:

Samsung Galaxy Buds +, from 7 200 rubles

TWS headphones from a famous Korean brand.Their advantages are an impressive 11 hours of battery life (including the case - 22 hours), fast charging (3 minutes of charging = an hour of listening) and wireless charging, good sound. The earbuds are comfortable for most users, insulate well, do not fall out during active workouts. The model is presented in five colors: black, white, blue, purple and red.

Cons - for such a lot of money, there is no activenoisy, no moisture protection, low quality microphones. The lack of moisture protection is especially frustrating. You will get caught in a heavy shower, and then you will wonder why the earphone does not work ...

CaseGuru CGPods 5.0 and CGPods lite, from 3,500 rubles

Headphones for any phone from the ambitiousTyumen brand. Not "golny China" with glued nameplates, as is often the case, but independently developed devices. By the way, CaseGuru has its own experienced engineer and programmer.

CaseGuru is the largest manufacturer in Russiaaccessories for smartphones. The company has been on the market for more than 10 years, having sold about 15 million units of products during this time. Initially, the company made accessories such as cables, protective covers and glasses. Then she took up small electronics, in particular, she launched the CGPods brand of wireless headphones. And very good!

In just a year and a half, Tyumen "ears" burstto all TOPs and ratings of budget wireless headphones in 2020 and continue to confidently hold high positions in 2021. The point is in the combination of quality and affordable prices, which is unique for the TWS-headphones market. And the prices for CGPods are so low because the company does not spend money on fabulously expensive advertising and does not cooperate with federal retail chains like M.Video - headphones can be ordered exclusively on the official website and a couple of marketplaces (OZON, Wildberries). And if CGPods appeared on sale in regular offline stores, then instead of 3,500 rubles, they would cost all 7,000, since the mark-ups at retailers are simply huge. CGPods are the only headphones in our ranking that are sold directly to the consumer, without the involvement of intermediaries such as retail chains with their mark-ups at almost half the price.

The older model has CGPods 5.0 has many advantages, despite the fact that it belongs to the budget category in terms of the price tag. First of all, we note an unusual cylinder-shaped case. It is made of professional aircraft grade aluminum, cute, pleasant to touch. And very durable - there is a video on the network demonstrating the "endurance" of the aluminum case of the budget CGPods 5.0 and the case of 4 times more expensive Apple AirPods:

Another advantage of Tyumen headphones isfull moisture protection according to the IPX6 standard (like flagship smartphones). In CGPods 5.0 from CaseGuru, you can swim, take a shower. It is not forbidden to simply wash the "ears" under running water from the accumulated sulfur and other contaminants. Most models of wireless "ears" do not have moisture protection, even in the higher price range, and the inexpensive CGPods 5.0 headphones have this option. And this is a very serious advantage!

Among the pluses of the CGPods 5 headphones.0 can also be called a stable connection without interrupting the connection with the smartphone and headphones between each other, decent sound with tangible bass, 4 hours of work from one charge + another 3.5 recharging from the case (total 17 hours of work away from the outlet, while competitors give out in 12-16 hours on average), voice comments in Russian, excellent sound insulation, battery level indicator on the case.

Headphones CGPods 5.0 fits well in your ears and does not fall out even during sudden movements, since each earphone has special silicone spacers. The convenience of using this model during sports is confirmed by numerous user reviews about CGPods 5.0. Touch control is also available directly from the headphones, with as many as 11 commands - more than any other model in our ranking. You don't have to reach for your smartphone for such trifles as changing the volume level, for example.

CaseGuru CGPods Lite stand out just as wellhigh-quality sound (except perhaps lower low frequencies), protection against water, reliability, advanced control (but not with the help of touches, but with the help of small keys). And they also have a more powerful battery in the case, so the operating time away from the outlet reaches as much as 20 hours! This is 5 whole days, if you listen to music or audiobooks a lot - 4 hours a day. For understanding - Apple AirPods for 12,000 rubles without an outlet "play" about the same as budget Tyumen "ears".

The case itself must also be mentioned - although it islooks quite ordinary from the photo, but also unique. Firstly, this is the smallest case on the market, fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, does not protrude your jeans pocket. Secondly, it has a soft-touch coating that feels like velvet. Thirdly, the magnetic cover clicks nicely. All in all, CaseGuru has a great anti-stress case. The CGPods Lite themselves are petite and graceful, and are especially suitable for girls. The lights do not have spacers, so they are not for active sports. However, in the course of our tests, they did not fall out of the ears, it is important to choose the appropriate size silicone eartips from the kit. Note that the buttons for control of the "light" model are not touch-sensitive, but hardware ones. The best option if you are not used to touch controls and are afraid of accidental touches. By the way, both models - 5.0 and Lite - are presented in two colors, black and white.

CGPods headphones are virtually devoid of disadvantages in terms of their functionality and cost.

HUAWEI FreeBuds 3, from 8,000 rubles

Further in our selection of good 2021 headphonesof the year we will tell you about the representative of the mid-price segment. This is the only model in our ranking of the best wireless headphones 2021, which copies the format of AirPods and at the same time is positioned as headphones with active noise canceling. Yes, FreeBuds 3 are not earplugs, but earbuds like classic AirPods. Headphones of this format do not have ear cushions, so they cannot tightly isolate the ear canal from external sounds. And the active noise cancellation system is far from perfect. But these headphones allow you to hear what is happening around - useful when jogging, cycling or if you don't want to miss an announcement at the train station or airport.

One charge of FreeBuds 3 is enough for 4 hours,there is fast charging. The case is enough for 4 headphone charges (in total, it turns out 20 hours of work away from the outlet). We also note touch control (however, the setting is available only for Android smartphones), good microphones, support for Bluetooth 5.1 and a USB-C connector for charging the case. The case supports wireless charging. Two colors are available - white and black.

Cons - overpriced, no moisture protection. However, despite them, the HUAWEI FreeBuds 3 is confidently in the top wireless earbuds of 2021.

JBL Tune 215 TWS, from 4000 rubles

Another popular model in our rankingwireless earbuds 2021 - from the JBL brand. The format is "plugs with legs", which has both pluses and minuses. If there are “legs”, the microphone picks up the voice better, but the “sticks” can get in the way, especially in winter, when you wear a hat, and also knock on girls' earrings. The design of the headphones themselves and the case is quite standard. In addition to the classic black and white, unusual purple and green colors are available. An important advantage is 5 hours of battery life and a case for 4 more charges, that is, only 25 hours.

But it was not without its drawbacks.First of all, I would like the JBL Tune 215 TWS to have moisture protection, because even the cheaper CGPods are waterproof headphones. Also, many users note that the JBL case is too large (it is inconvenient to carry it in a pocket), with a flimsy lid. The controls are not touch-sensitive, but push-button, while the buttons are tight. There is no way to adjust the volume of the sound from the headphones. Communication with some smartphones is interrupted. There are often questions from users on the network: what to do if the JBL Tune 215 TWS headphones stutter, but there is no clear solution.

The most annoying thing is the sound quality for headphones fromaudiophile brand could be higher. They may be inexpensive, but the example of CGPods shows that for the same money you can do much better. Nevertheless, in the rating of the best wireless headphones of 2021, this model should be taken for at least 25 hours of battery life.

Apple AirPods 2, from 12,000 rubles

The current wireless model in 2021headphones from Apple, the company that in its time came up with TWS headphones. Please note that the form factor of these earbuds - earbuds without sealed silicone tips - does not, by definition, imply perfect sound insulation. At the same time, there is no active noise cancellation system, like Huawei FreeBuds 3, either. For that kind of money, they could have implemented it, but Apple offers those who wish good sound insulation only in the case of its top-end model of AirPods Pro wireless headphones for 16,000 rubles.

Apple AirPods are NOT waterproof headphones.In this regard, users often have problems cleaning the "apples" from dirt and adhered earwax (especially considering the only possible snow-white color of Apple AirPods, on which any dirt is very clearly visible). A variety of devices are used, from cotton swabs to needles. But, of course, they cannot provide sufficient purity of the gadget. In this regard, headphones with moisture protection are much more convenient (for example, CGPods 5.0, we talked about them above), which can simply be washed under the tap.

AirPods are powered by the H1 chipset, whichprovides high quality sound. There is a model with wireless charging of the case, but it is two thousand more expensive. Wired charging, however, is only with a proprietary lightning cable, which will be a problem if you don't have an iPhone. We also note 25 hours of battery life (including the charging case), a good volume margin, fast connection (if you have an iPhone, everything is simple - you don't have to puzzle over how to connect headphones to a phone), a reliable "connection" with a gadget and headphones together.

Lack of water resistance and poor sound insulation- not all the disadvantages of "apples". Frustrating gesture controls - just three functions. And the sound could be better considering the price. And even CaseGuru CGPods, which are four times cheaper, sound wider and more juicy. However, many Apple fans cannot prove this, because they only perceive devices from their favorite brand.

In our opinion, buying AirPods is only reasonablelike headphones for one phone - iPhone. And then, if you are ready to overpay eight or nine thousand only for a promoted brand. Perhaps only fans will say that AirPods are the best wireless earbuds of 2021. However, if there is money for a complete ecosystem, including a phone, headphones and a laptop, then why not? Apple needs to somehow earn its billions!


As our rating has shown, you can buy the best wireless headphones in 2021 for both 3,500 rubles and 12,000.
At the same time, expensive models do not always have functionality worthy of threefold overpayment. What would you choose among the range of good TWS earbuds available on the market right now?