Top hook hooks on AirPods

The best thing about AirPods is how comfortable they are. It is possible thanks to several compromises, but on them

You can lower your eyes. This is the lack of buttons and not very good sound.

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Convenience can not be sacrificed. We have already told you what to do if the headphones fall out of your ears. And now we have collected for you the best accessories that will also help with this.

Best with their task coperubber lining with the so-called "hook" or wing. The hook is inserted into the upper part of your ear, and thanks to this, the headphones sit tight and do not fall out. If you have a too large ear hole, such an overlay will solve your problems.

Silicone overlays for AirPods headphones

1. Eartips Silicone in-ear Headset

This is the most popular option on Aliexpress withgood reviews. Included are four plates, which is quite profitable. In addition, they are available in two colors: black and transparent. A transparent option is best suited if you do not want the lining to catch the eye.

These linings are designed specifically for AirPods, so all cutouts are perfect. In addition, even gestures work with them.

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2. 2 Pairs Soft Silicone Ear Hooks

These silicone pads are ideal for those who need more support. They are great help if you have very big ears, from which the headphones just fall out.

These linings turn AirPods into ordinaryheadphones that sit tight in the ear. A hook provides additional support. With these overlays, you can run, dance, shake your head, and the headphones will stay in your ears.

In addition, thanks to these lining AirPods sound will be better, and there will be noise insulation.

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3. Tebrigo

If you don’t like the hook pads thatinserted into the ear, there is another option. Tebrigo pads are worn around the ear outside and are held by this. They are available in the following colors: black, white.

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4. Set7 in 1forAirPods

If you do not know which pad to choose, youwill help this set. It comes with a water-resistant silicone case, a customizable strap against the loss of AirPods, lugs with hooks, a carabiner and a case for all of this.

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5. EarSkins 2


If you don’t like the design of the hooks,You can choose the usual ones, which will also make the headphones more convenient. EarSkins 2 overlays also improve sound quality. Made of soft-touch silicone lining.

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It is worth noting that with the above listed linings your AirPods will not fit in the cover. You have to shoot them before each charge, which is a big minus.

If you want an option that will fit in the case, you will fit super thin lining.