Top Nintendo Switch Exclusives Get Virtual Reality Support

In April 2019, Nintendo released a “cardboard VR” for the Switch hybrid console, along with a construction set and

special games. Now the developers have extended virtual reality support to their best exclusives.

New gaming experience

Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda:Breath of the Wild has received updates that add support for Nintendo Labo: VR Kit. The game about Mario has acquired additional levels that are made to be played in virtual reality. At the same time, an update for Breath of the Wild will allow you to completely play the game using Labo VR.

The developers have added a mode that separatesimage and adapts it to the lenses, creating a virtual reality effect. In this mode, the user can control the view by turning his head, but the quality of the graphics suffers - the game reduces the resolution and drawing distance.