Torchlight Frontiers turned into Torchlight 3 - a story adventure without focus on online and donation

In November 2019, the authors of Torchlight Frontiers took extra time to develop. The reasons for the players were not called,

but there was a transfer after the announcement of Diablo 4, when it turned out that the games are very similar. As a result, the developers made more changes than expected.

What is known

The game changed its name. Now Torchlight Frontiers will fall on the shelves under the name Torchlight 3, becoming a “real continuation” of Torchlight 1 and 2. And if before the developers focused on the online component, promising players some kind of free session MMO, now gamers are waiting for a paid single-player adventure.

Even at the stage of character creation, the player will be able tochoose a mode - offline or online. In the first case, it will be a solitary adventure in which you can plunge without an internet connection, but multiplayer activities will be closed. Having chosen the online mode, the player will see other adventurers, fight with them side by side, but some areas will remain private.

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The developers also abandoned the "horizontal pumping", and cut out from Torchlight 3 a store with goods for money.

Torchlight 3 has no exact release date, butdevelopers promise to release the game in 2020. First, the project will be released on PC on Steam, and then it will get to the consoles. Despite the changes, the developers plan to expand the project with regular content updates.

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