Toyota will show new electric cars at the Tokyo Olympics

Japanese Toyota concern has become an official supplier of transport for the Olympic Games. This will allow

companies show all their achievements to a huge number of people around the world. It will include both electricity and hydrogen vehicles.

Toyota says they will provide 3,700 gamesvarious vehicles, 90% of which will be "electrified". This may mean the availability of both battery power and gas or gas-electric installations.

There will be many types of transport: cars, buses, scooters, mopeds, segways and more. Toyota sees the Olympics as a good chance to show off its line of experimental cars.

I would also like to mention e-Palette and Concept-i. The first is a car of an unusual shape, which can perform a lot of different functions; in addition to the obvious transportation, it can serve as a mobile office, shop or hotel room. The unusual "box" promise autonomy, so that she will not even need a driver.

Another interesting transport for games will beConcept-I. He will be trusted to carry the flag, and he will also ride ahead of the runners in a marathon. His example will show the results of working with AI, which is an assistant to Yui, whose task will be almost autonomous driving.

A large number of new Japanese automakers will reduce the load on the public transport system, which is now in a difficult position before the Olympic Games.