TP-Link Neffos X20: a review of a budget smartphone from a well-known brand

Smartphones in our lives have already surpassed wristwatches in popularity and distribution. In due time, in

In the pre-mobile era, not all adults had watches,but even elementary schoolchildren have smartphones. The smartphone market is very densely populated with manufacturers, and the budget segment is especially crowded. Finding something suitable with such variety is much more difficult than if there was a shortage. In addition to the absolute no-names that came out of nowhere (mainly Chinese companies), brands that have in no way touched mobile phones are gradually entering the market. But due to their fame they hope to gain a foothold.

TP-Link in action

Neffos X20 is a smartphone just from suchthe company that never released smartphones - TP-Link. The budget segment, the design is quite modern, a good screen and sufficient autonomy. The device is for those who do not need prohibitive performance for demanding games, but need a smartphone with stable operation to be in touch without running around the outlet.


The appearance of the device is typical for smartphones2019 release: the notch for the front camera is drop-shaped, the main camera on the rear panel received a dual unit, the color scheme, in addition to the classics, has purple and red. Black classics look a little boring, but lovers of strict style will like this color.

Front panel with screen 6.2 ”is completely covered with protective glass; frames are present but do not interfere. Over time, they simply disappear from sight. The chin is wider, its manufacturer decided to decorate with its Neffos logo. Above the camera is a speaker, there is an event indicator. The edges of the smartphone are made of matte metal. The case received additional strength with them. It lies comfortably in the hand, does not slip, the control buttons are located on the right side, and the SIM and microSD receiver are on the left. In this case, you can use all the components at once - two SIM cards and a memory card. At the top is an analog mini-jack for headphones, at the bottom is a speaker with a microUSB connector. The back panel is made of plastic under glass, it is not very practical, traces quickly remain, it is not easy to remove. The lenses protrude a little from the body, but the device rests on the table steadily.


For security information is provided here.a fingerprint scanner, the Face Unlock function also works, but it’s not very convenient to use, there are delays, and it’s not very difficult to fool it with a photograph. The fingerprint is clear and fast. At night, Face Unlock does not work at all, so it’s better to immediately set up the fingerprint scanner.


At 6.2 ”diagonals, the resolution of the IPS matrix is ​​1520x720 or HD +. The pixel density is 269 ppi, which is very good for this price range. If you don’t peer (who does this?), Then pixelation is invisible. An oleophobic coating is present, the edges of the display are rounded. There is enough margin of brightness for the screen on a sunny day outdoors, there is an automatic setting that works out adequately and smoothly. With color rendering it is more difficult, there are no settings for yourself.


Helio A22 chipset is registered under the hood of the smartphonefrom MediaTek, which is often installed on peppy state employees. On board there are 2 gigabytes of RAM, a 32 gigabyte drive, file storage can be expanded with a memory card. Performance is appropriate, lightning-fast work is not called. But in everyday applications, everything works smoothly and quickly. You can even play not very heavy games, and Internet surfing and other social networks and instant messengers are easy. You can, of course, launch the third Real Racing, but you have to set the graphics settings to the lowest.

The mobile communication module works flawlessly,it also catches satellites well, there is only one speaker, stereo fails, but the sound is loud, legible. When setting the maximum volume, it begins to choke, which is typical for budget smartphones. The OS here is Android 9 with NFUI installed on top of it.


The main camera received two modules, the main one with13 megapixels sensor, auxiliary depth scanner - 5 megapixels. The camera software uses AI technology to recognize scenes and improve the quality of photos. VPO many settings, filters, modes. The sensor is a budget level. So, decent pictures are obtained only if there is sufficient illumination, for example, on a sunny day. Artificial intelligence can calculate something, but a miracle will not work if the lighting is poor. Then the detail drops immediately, noise appears. But you always need to remember that this is a cheap smartphone, and is not intended for professional artistic shooting.

Autonomy The Neffos X20 provides a 4100 mAh battery, it is charged as standard, the active screen holds for 9 hours, in standard mode it lives for two days, it charges for about a couple of hours.

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