Traces of the oldest alphabet in the region found in the Middle East

The found artifact testifies to the existence of the so-called "transitional" version of writing

in the Middle East: we are talking about the alphabet that existed between the Egyptian hieroglyphics and the oldest writing in the Levant.

The discovery was made by archaeologists from Austria and Israel.A fragment of a jug was found at an excavation site in Tel Lahish. According to Felix Hoeflmeier, the leader of the research team, the artifact dates from around 1430 BC, making the jug the oldest inscription in the southern Levant. Archaeologists believe that the alphabet may have been transferred from Egypt to the Middle East as a result of interactions between regions in the middle of the second millennium BC. Most likely, the transfer of the alphabet was helped by the Hyksos - this group of peoples in the 16th century BC. conquered Northern Egypt.

Unfortunately, archaeologists have not been able to unambiguouslyestablish what exactly is written on the jug shard. In their opinion, these could be names or parts of long words. The shard has two lines written diagonally. Each line contains three letters. In addition, there are additional symbols. Several letters are still present in Hebrew - the letter "Ain" in hieroglyphic symbols was depicted as an eye without a pupil.

The age of the shard was determined using barley grains that were found next to the jug.

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