Traffic cameras using a neural network are fined for turned off headlights

In Nizhny Novgorod, in July 2021, a system of road cameras with a neural network was launched: it took less than two months

issued 7.3 thousand fines for driving with the headlights off.

Of these, 48 decisions were canceled: the police did not tell what was the reason. Now the fine for driving in the dark without headlights is 500 rubles.

Recorded only one behavior on the roadcamera "Azimut-3" on the street of the Comintern. There are such complexes in the Perm Territory, Orenburg, Bryansk, Tver, Voronezh regions and other regions. However, it was only in Nizhny Novgorod that the local traffic police decided to issue fines based on the data.

We tell all our customers that there is such a function in our complexes. A neural network is used to detect violations. Our cameras are certified, so everything is legal from a legal point of view.

Igor Goncharov, Deputy General Director of the Perm company "Road Safety Technologies"

From the point of view of the operation algorithm, the camera determines the state registration mark in the stream and detects the presence of contrast zones to the right and left of it: this is considered the main sign that the headlights are on.

It is noted that the technological possibility of determining the switched on headlights appeared five years ago.

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