Trained Music: Longest Toy Train Melody Gets Guinness World Records

Museum of miniatures in the city of Hamburg, which remained without visitors for six months due to the pandemic and is famous for the most

the world's longest railway (valid!) model, broke another record: their toy train played the longest melody of all the tunes played by toy trains.

Sorry, that?

Miniature Museum in Hamburg The MiniatureWonderland (a miniature wonderland) has already broken one record - their railway layout stretches for 1,499 meters and includes sections dedicated to different countries, including Germany, the USA, Italy and Venice. What's more, some sections have model car decorations, and the Knuffingen section has 52 aircraft that fly approximately 250 flights a day.

Specifically about the record

The little train played about 20 of the most famouspieces of different classical compositions, including Beethoven, and Vivaldi, and Prokofiev with the help of glass glasses and goblets. Driving along the tracks with hammers attached to the locomotive, the train broke the world record, playing the longest track of any toy train. The museum management recorded a video confirming the event. The record was officially entered into the Guinness Book of Records.

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