Trump changed his mind to forgive Huawei, and this is his final decision (or maybe not)

Recently, US President Donald Trump spoke about peace with China and promised that Huawei would be thrown out of the black

list" and cancel all bans on cooperation with her. Only a month and a half passed, and Trump changed his mind again.

No mercy

Now the President of the States says that he does not intend to continue further cooperation with Huawei.

“We are not going to do business with Huawei... And I have already made my decision. It’s much easier not to have anything to do with Huawei at all,” Trump emphasized.

The reason for this is the cessation of purchases by China.American agricultural products. At the same time, China says that it abandoned it after Trump announced the introduction of additional duties on imports of goods from the Middle Kingdom from September 1. And the US government claims that they introduced duties because China refused to sell agricultural goods.

However, Donald Trump does not exclude the possibility that he may change his mind again in the future: “But we can make some concessions in the event of concluding a trade agreement with China.”

In any case, despite the president’s words,The US Department of Commerce continues to issue licenses to American companies to cooperate with Huawei. The department explained that Trump’s statement so far concerns only the ban on the purchase of Chinese equipment by the US government.