Trump pardoned Anthony Lewandowski - "spy" who stole 14 thousand secret files from Google

Today in the United States, Joe Biden took over as president, but finally Donald Trump managed

not only blacklist Xiaomi and revoke licenses for cooperation with Huawei, but also issue a series of pardons.

Freedom Lewandowski

There are 73 people on the list, including the formerGoogle Engineer Anthony Levandowski. Before leaving the company, he stole 14,000 classified files related to the self-driving car project. These were graphics, design projects and blueprints for future products.

After that, Lewandowski founded a startup Otto, based entirely on the stolen developments, and after a while sold it to Uber. This led to litigation between Google and Uber.

Last year, Anthony Lewandowski was sentenced to18 months in prison, but he did not serve a single day. A whole community of supporters stood up for him, which included Peter Thiel (co-founder of PayPal) and Palmer Luckey (founder of Oculus). The judge then admitted that the case was "the biggest trade secret crime he has ever seen."

Despite the seriousness of the crime, Trumppardoned the accused. “Mr. Lewandowski has admitted his guilt. It is noteworthy that the judge who sentenced him called him the brilliant, innovative engineer our country needs. I believe that citizen Lewandowski paid a significant price for his actions and will now devote his talents to the public good, ”the former president stressed.

The court also ordered Lewandowski to pay $ 179 million to Google to resolve the contract dispute.

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