Trump signed the law on the creation of space forces

The Space Force will also be responsible for developing and maintaining missile launch tracking systems.

The new unit of troops will be part of the US Air Force, the document says.

The budget for the creation of space troops has not yet been determined - it is planned that the necessary amount for this will be included in the US budget for the next three years. His Trump is due in a month.

Although United States space systemshave historically maintained a technical advantage over the systems of potential adversaries, these potential adversaries are advancing their own space capabilities by developing ways to prevent us from using space in times of crisis and conflict.

The initiative to create space troops to protect satellites in July was made by US President Donald Trump. According to Trump's instructions, this type of force should be created by 2020 on the basis of the Air Force.

Earlier it was reported that the US authorities are planningto achieve the possibility of deploying missile detection sensors in space. To do this, the Ministry of Defense will have to change legislation to introduce new components of anti-missile defense in space and coordinate deliveries, however, “the key fact is that the need to deploy sensors for launch detection in space is considered seriously and receives the necessary support.”