Trump still introduces new duties on goods from China. Apple will suffer

It appears that the handshakes and declarations of friendship between the US and China were just the calm before the storm. The president

In the United States, Donald Trump nevertheless decided to introduce additional duties on Chinese imports.

What did you decide

Trump promises to introduce new10% tariffs on goods from China totaling $300 billion. Simply put, the new tariffs will affect all imports not affected by the previous 25% tariffs, which applied to $250 billion worth of goods.

And all because “China is depressing the economyUSA". Trump is unhappy that China has not fulfilled its promise to buy more American agricultural products and is still supplying America with the painkiller fentanyl, from which “many Americans continue to die.”

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Now all that remains is to wait for a response from China.

And here Apple

The new tariffs will hit the revenues of Apple, which manufactures its products in China. That is, despite the fact that it is an American company, gadgets assembled in China will be considered imports.

Analysts at the investment bank Bank of America Merrill Lynch believe that as a result, Apple smartphones will rise in price by 10%, and demand will then fall by 20%.

“Based on simple calculations, the impact (of the new tariffs) will be approximately $0.50-0.75 (per share) on earnings, including approximately $0.30-0.50 in losses due to the iPhone,” bank analysts say.