TSMC and Samsung are forced to delay release of next generation processors

It became known that both TSMC and Samsung faced difficulties in the development of the 3nm technical process. Because of this

companies will have to postpone the release of chips manufactured to such standards. TSMC now, for example, has no hope of starting mass production earlier than 2022.

TSMC and Samsung services are used by manymanufacturers of smartphones and computer components. For example, Apple has already made a pre-order for 3nm TSMC processors. The Cupertino-based company currently has a 5nm Apple A14 processor.

Previously, TSMC promised that the 3nm process technology will bring the chips a 10-15% performance increase over their 5nm counterparts. In addition, the chips will become 20-25% more energy efficient.

TSMC is currently building a new chip manufacturing plant in Arizona, USA.