TSSChecker update released that fixes work on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

The TSSChecker utility is a useful tool developed by the hacker “tihmstar”To save digital

SHSH2 format signature for iOS firmware, and which allows you to downgrade the firmware version after Apple stops signing it.

Last week, iPhone device users7 and the iPhone 7 Plus were disappointed when the developer discovered that the SHSH2 digital signatures generated for the above devices were invalid.



Apparently there was a problem with thisa utility that generated incorrect SHSH2 signatures for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus devices. But the good news is that tihmstar solved this problem in the updated version of the TSSChecker utility, so now you can safely use this tool to save the correct SHSH2 digital signatures for these devices.

At the time of this writing, Apple is signing the current iOS 10.2 firmware version so that you can generate SHSH2 signature only for this firmware version. Therefore, if you previously saved SHSH2 iOS 10.1.x signatures for iPhone 7 using the old version of the TSSChecker utility, then, unfortunately, they are not valid and you will not be able to use them.

The fact that tihmstar quickly got it rightquestion and released an update for his tool in just a week, is an indicator that this tool will, we hope, receive regular updates in the future to fix new problems identified, and will also receive support for new versions of iOS and new devices.



If you have iPhone 7, iPhone 7 devicesPlus or an older iPhone device model, we strongly recommend that you keep your SHSH2 digital signature for iOS 10.2. Although Luca Todesco stated that at the moment, the development of a jailbreak is not planned for this version of iOS, you can not know in advance when such a signature may come in handy.

If you want to get rid of the headache of creating and saving the SHSH2 digital signature using the command line tool of the TSSChecker utility, then you can use the services of the web service “Tsssaver"Which is very easy to use.

Currently, the beta version of the jailbreak "Yalu"supports these firmware versions: iOS 10.1 - iOS 10.1.1. The jailbreak itself is not stable and contains a number of problems that can create problems on your device. It is recommended that you do not jailbreak and wait until Luka releases a stable version of the jailbreak. We will inform you as soon as this happens.