Turkish S-400 shot down all American planes and caused anger in the United States

Recently, S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems were deployed in Turkey. The military tested them on fighter jets

American made F-16. The tests have outraged some US politicians, and experts have now explained why.

Earlier, one US senator stated thatTurkey crossed the new "red line" when it began testing the S-400 purchased from Russia. The politician called it disrespectful to President Donald Trump, the US and NATO.

The military columnist for the Zvezda weekly put forward his version of the reasons for the American indignation. He stated that during the S-400 tests, all targets, that is, F-16 fighter targets, were detected.

“He detected 500 km, 600 km, and even on approach, already 450-500 km away, he countered,” the specialist said.

Thus, according to the expert, US politicians were outraged by the successful testing of the complex.