Turn Back Alive Foundation showed SHARK on video: a new Ukrainian reconnaissance UAV that can aim artillery and HIMARS

The other day, the Come Back Alive fund of competent assistance to the army, together with a network of gas stations

OKKO stations launched the EYE FOR AN EYE initiative for the purchase of the latest Ukrainian SHARK drones. Now the company has demonstrated the new product on video.

What is known

One SHARK complex includes three drones,catapult and all-wheel drive minibus Torsus. It will carry the UAV and also act as a command post. The drone boasts secure communications and a Full HD camera that broadcasts a picture to the operator. It supports 30x optical zoom.

The SHARK drone is capable of flying for 2 hours ondistance up to 60 km and at an altitude of up to 2 km. The maximum flight speed of the UAV is 150 km/h. In the near future, the Armed Forces of Ukraine should receive SHARK into service. It will be used for reconnaissance of the area, as well as guidance of artillery and MLRS HIMARS.