Tweak CydiaXIStyle 2.0 will make the Cydia application look like the App Store

Cydia has been criticized by users for its outdated design for many years. It even led to

alternative tweak manager Sileo.

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However, the Cydia platform is completely customizable using jailbreak tweaks. For this, there is a new tweak CydiaXIStyle 2.0.

CydiaXIStyle 2.0 Tweak makes Cydia's homepage look like the App Store. On large cards, different content is displayed, such as the tweak of the day, the topic of the day, etc.

CydiaXIStyle 2.0 does not contain any options and takes effect immediately after installation. For now, we cannot say how often content is updated with this tweak. The only drawback of tweak is that the icons with it look big and bulky.

If you want to update the appearance of Cydia, CydiaXIStyle 2.0 can be downloaded from the Packix repository. It works on all devices with jailbreak iOS 7-12.