Tweak DarkKeysXII will make your iPhone's keyboard dark

DarkKeysXIIis a new free jailbreak tweak that makes the jailbroken iPhone and iPad keyboard dark.

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Tweak takes effect immediately after installation, and you do not need to configure any additional options. Below you can see the tweak in action:

Some tweaks with the Dark Mode also dim the keyboard, but not all. Now you can install another DarkKeysXII tweak to enjoy the full Dark mode.

The developer also promises to release a tweak update, which makes it easy to disable and enable it at any time. So far, the only way to disable a tweak is to remove it from the device.

If you want to install DarkKeysXII tweak, you can download it from the BigBoss repository. It is supported by iOS 10, 11 and 12 jailbreak devices.