Tweak ExtendedGlyph adds new unlock animation to devices with Touch ID

For its new devices, Apple uses Face ID technology instead of Touch ID, but a larger percentage of smartphones and

The company's tablets come with a fingerprint scanner. If you also have a device with Touch ID, you may be interested in the new jailbreak tweakExtendedglyph.

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Tweak is designed for devices with iOS 11 and iOS 12. The essence of his work is that it displays an animated fingerprint icon every time you unlock your device. Here it is in action:

This tweak can be fully customized. In Settings there is a whole panel for this:

There is a standard switch for activating and deactivating tweaks, as well as three main sections that contain more options.

Animation setting

  • Turn on and off the shine effect of the icon.
  • Speed ​​up animation for quick unlock.
  • Use alternative animation.

Appearance customization

  • Choose an icon color.
  • Choose a scan effect color.
  • Hide elements of the icon.
  • Choose an icon size.
  • Use different themes.
  • Customize unlock text.
  • Hide the text completely.

Behavior setting

  • Choose unlock sound
  • Include vibro-feedback when an unsuccessful attempt to Touch ID.
  • Use animation when unsuccessful attempt to Touch ID.
  • Unlock your smartphone right away, even if the animation is not over yet.

There are many options available for tweaks, and it also supports many different icons that you can choose to your taste.

If you are interested in the ExtendedGlyph tweak, you can download it from the Packix repository.