Tweak LPMPad adds power saving mode on iPad and iPod touch

On an iPhone with a low charge, it’s possible to switch to low power mode to

save the remaining battery power as much as possible. The recently released LPMPad iOS iCraze free jailbreak tweak adds low-power mode to iPad and iPod touch.

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Tweak LPMPad transfers the low-power mode used by Apple in iOS to the iPad and iPod touch platforms.

After installing the tweak in the control point on the iPadand iPod touch the power save mode toggle switch appears. Moreover, if the battery level drops below 20%, the power saving mode will turn on automatically.

LPMPad is available free of charge in the developer's personal repository: Add the iCraze repository to Cydia, if you do not already have one.

Later, the tweak should appear in the Dynastic Repo repository.