Tweak Maple adds AirPower charging interface to iPhone

Apple may have canceled AirPower due to various technical issues, but that doesn't mean users with

Jailbreakers cannot enjoy the AirPower charging interface.

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New Jailbreak TweakMapledisplays on one widget all devices connected to the smartphone that are currently charging. The widget is designed in AirPower style.

The widget displays the iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods and their case. When charging stops, devices disappear from the lock screen. Something like this should work AirPower charging.

After installing Maple tweak in Settings, a new panel will appear with its options and a respring button for applying changes.

Apple never activated AirPower support iniOS 12 because charging failed. The Maple tweak uses a custom interface that works on all devices jailbroken from iOS from 10 &#8211; 12. Moreover, the tweak even supports other tweaks with dark mode.

You can download Maple jailbreak from Packix repository.