Tweak Meteoroid automatically installs wallpapers from NASA

One of the most personal elements of any iPhone or iPad is the wallpaper with which we decorate our device. but

Sometimes it’s difficult to choose the perfect wallpaper.

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New free jailbreak tweak Meteoroid make it easier for you to do this, as it automatically selects and installs high-quality wallpapers on your device.

This is mainly wallpaper related to space, because they are taken from sources dedicated specifically to space and astronomy. Among them:

  • NASA - Image of the Day
  • NASA - Earth Observatory
  • NASA - Astronomy Picture of the Day
  • SpaceX - Official SpaceX Photos via Flickr

After installing tweak in Settings, a new panel will appear with its options:

Here you can:

  • Automatically set wallpaper on your home screen, lock screen, or both.
  • Select the source from which the images are taken.
  • Select the time to update the wallpaper.
  • Open current wallpaper on the Internet.

The developer allows you to choose the source and time of the update, which is very convenient. If you change the wallpaper only once a day, it will not spend much charging.

If you are interested in tweak Meteoroid, you can free download from repository Dynastic Repo. It is supported by all devices with iOS 11 and 12 jailbreak.