Tweak No2Theft2 protects your iPhone from thieves and scammers

If you are afraid that someone will take your iPhone when you place it on a table in a public place, you need

new jailbreak tweakNo2Theft2. He will inform you about an attempt to steal or hack your device.

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When you install and configure the tweak, you canBe sure to always be up to date on everything that happens with your iPhone. He uses several methods to notify you that someone took the smartphone and tried to enter a password.

When this happens, the tweak includes a beep that does not drown without entering a password. The device also takes a photo of the thief and sends it to your chosen phone numbers.

No2Theft2 adds a new panel to Settings with its own options:

The blue “Apply Changes” button is needed for application.changes in options. You can also choose secure Wi-Fi networks so that you do not accidentally activate the alarm yourself. It's great to see the face of someone who tried to unlock your device.

If it seems to you that someone is playing with your smartphone behind your back, tweak No2Theft2 will help you find out who it is. In addition, it will accurately protect your device from theft.

If you want to install tweak No2Theft2, itscan be downloaded from the BigBoss repository. Tweak activated for money. No2Theft2 is supported by devices with iOS 12, and for earlier versions of the system there is a tweak No2Theft.