Tweak PasteAndGo2 adds a new search function in the Haptic Touch menu

It often happens that when reading some articles or even messages you find something interesting that immediately

I want to google. Usually for this you need to select a phrase or link, open a browser and paste the text into the search bar. But what if there is an easier way?

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Fortunately, there really is a way. This is the new free jailbreak tweak. Pasteastendgo2, which allows you to quickly search through the Force Touch / Haptic Touch menu. You can see examples in the screenshot below.

In addition, the PasteAndGo2 tweak does not supportonly the standard Safari browser, but also third-party browsers like Brave and Chrome. The new option fits well into the menu and looks like it has the right place for it.

The text or link you copied is displayed immediately in the menu. By clicking on the option, you will immediately go to a browser with the search results. This saves a lot of time.

Tweak PasteAndGo2 does not contain any options, and he does not need them. Tweak begins to act immediately after installation.

If you are interested in this tweak, you can download PasteAndGo2 for free from the Twickd repository in any tweak manager. It works on all devices with jailbreak iOS 11, 12 and 13.