Tweak Video Direction Control rotates the video when the screen orientation is fixed

The screen orientation lock feature in iOS can be very useful, but not always.Sometimes it gets in the way

watching videos because they are displayed in vertical mode instead of horizontal.

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Thankfully, on jailbroken devices, this problem can be solved with a new free tweakVideo Direction Control(iOS11).

Tweak Video Direction Control (iOS 11) allows you to rotate the video, even when the screen orientation lock feature is active.

Video Direction Control (iOS 11) adds a new panel with options in Settings:

Here you can:

  • Always display video in horizontal mode regardless of the orientation lock status.
  • Add vertical video to exceptions.

It's great that the developer added the second option, because many videos were shot vertically, and they are inconvenient to watch in horizontal mode. Tweak will improve the process of watching videos on devices with iOS.

If you want to install the Video Direction Control tweak, you can download it for free from the BigBoss repository. It supports all iOS 11 devices.