Tweak XB-WakeDevice allows you to customize the unlock gesture

Today we will tell you about a new jailbreak tweakXb–Wakedevice, which allows you to customize

waking up your device.

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By device orientation, tweak understands whenuser wants to unlock their device. For example, you can unlock a device by holding it in your hands in a vertical position, and you don’t even have to press anything - just shake the device.

After installing tweak in Settings, a panel will appear with its options:

If you want to save charge, we recommend choosing the smallest update interval. To get the most from tvika, you have to sacrifice charging.

Tweak can also automatically lock the device when you put it face down.

If you want to install XB-WakeDevice tweak, you can download it for free from the BigBoss repository. It is supported by all devices with iOS 12 jailbreak.