Twitch banned "whites" and "straights", but left "blacks" and "gays"

Over the past couple of years, many foreign services have begun to tighten the rules of use. Most often

questions are caused by the Twitch movement vector.

Here again this time the service for online streaming of gamesdistinguished himself. As blogger Ian Miles Chong noted, the popular site banned the use of the "White" ("White") and "Straight" ("Natural") tags. At the same time, user verification showed that the words “Black” (“Black”) and “Gay” (“Gay”) remained available for selection as a tag.

It's worth noting that Twitch may tryto justify herself by saying that in this way she fights against homophobia and racism. But at the same time, the ban on the word "White" is also a manifestation of racism, which would be the ban on the word "Black".

Representatives of the platform have not yet commented on the incident.