Twitter Announces Blue Subscription For Additional Features For $ 2.99 Per Month

Twitter has hinted more than once that it will soon add a subscription to the social network. Now it is officially


What is known

Twitter Blue is a subscription that expandsuser capabilities. For example, you can get the Undo Send function for a fee. It allows you to set a timer for 30 seconds to post a tweet. During this time, the tweet can be canceled. The subscription also includes improved bookmarks. You can make a folder in them and add tweets there by topic.

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Of the useful (and not so), Twitter Blue also has Reader Mode and customization of the Android and iOS applications. Users can change the program icon and interface color palette.

In the future, the company promises to expand the subscription capabilities, but it is not known whether they will add the function of editing tweets to it.

Price and when to wait

The Twitter Blue subscription is already available to users in the US, Canada and Australia for $ 2.99 per month. In other countries, it will appear a little later.

Source: The Verge

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