Twitter Cancels Design Changes Due To Complaints Of Eye Fatigue And Headaches

A few days ago, the microblogging service Twitter introduced changes in the design of the application: now the platform

uses its own Chirp font that Twitter unveiled in January 2021. All Western languages ​​are also left aligned.

There is less blue in the palette, and the color of the buttonRead changed from blue to black. The interface has also been updated: Twitter has removed the dividers to provide more white space and reduced the amount of gray background. The service also added new colors to increase contrast and draw extra attention to videos and photos.

However, not all users liked the new design.

“Twitter's new font freed me from addictionfrom this app, because now I don’t flip through the tape so I don’t have a headache ”,“ Please, please, please return the old font. I find it incredibly difficult to read and physically painful to look at it. "

As a result, platform representatives reported thatthe company is revising the revisions made on 12 August. "We are making adjustments to the contrast of all buttons to make them easier on the eyes." As noted on Twitter, the new look is inconvenient for people with touch sensitivities.

The platform also said it "has identified issues with the Chirp font for Windows users," and said it "is actively working on a fix."

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