Twitter Launches Communities and Paid Content Subscriptions

These are two of the most significant changes to Twitter in recent times, but they also fit well with the models.

who have been popular and successful on other social platforms.

A payment feature called Super Follows,will allow Twitter users to charge subscribers and provide them with access to additional content. This could be bonus tweets, access to a community group, sign up for a newsletter, or a support badge.

On the layout, Twitter showed an example in whichthe user charges $ 4.99 per month to get a range of benefits. The company sees this as a way to allow creators and publishers to receive money directly from their followers.

Direct payment instruments are becoming more and moreimportant to authors, especially in recent years. Patreon has been a huge success, and other platforms including Facebook, YouTube and even GitHub have launched direct payments to creators. Twitter, apparently, will receive a shortened version - the company has hinted at the subscription functions that will offer it a new source of income, but the amount of the fee is not fully known (only the one in the screenshot from the company).

Twitter also announced a new feature underthe name "Communities", which seems to be something like Facebook groups. People can create and join groups with specific interests, such as cats or plants, which allows users to see more tweets about those topics.

Bands were once a huge success forFacebook (as well as a huge moderation problem), and they can be a particularly useful tool on Twitter, as the open nature of the service can make it difficult for new users to get started on the platform.

There is no information yet when any of these features will be launched. Twitter listed them as further changes for its platform during a presentation to analysts and investors.

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