Twitter reveals details of the attack on social media

Hackers using a phishing attack on mobile phones of some employees gained access to the internal

company network. In this way, they usually try to purposefully steal information, for example, account data or bank card information from a particular person.

After the attackers gained access to the company's internal network, they hacked into other employees with broader powers and access to internal support tools through it.

Thus, the criminals gained access tointernal tools of the social network. Thanks to this, they were able to attack 130 Twitter accounts, posting messages on behalf of 45. In the case of 36 accounts, hackers opened personal correspondence and downloaded an archive with personal data from 7 people.

As a reminder, on July 15, unknown persons gained accessto the accounts of Apple, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and others. On behalf of the verified profiles, the hackers posted tweets about the distribution of several thousand bitcoins to those who send cryptocurrency to the wallets indicated in the tweets.

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