Two Chinese students tricked Apple for nearly $ 1 million

Two students from China, studying in Oregon on student visas, for some years have been able to uncomplicated

the way to "earn" on the iPhone is almost a million dollars.

How it works

Yangyang Zhou, who has just receivedhigher engineering education at the University of Oregon, engaged in the delivery of smartphones from China to the United States. From China they sent him a fake iPhone, which in the States was issued for the original.

His accomplice, Quan Jiang, entered into the matter.(Quan Jiang), who studies at Lynn Benton Community College. He came with such smartphones in the Apple Store, demanding to replace them. The iPhone allegedly did not turn on, so employees who could not verify the authenticity of the devices changed them to new, but already genuine, gadgets. It seems that the company representatives did not require any confirmation of the purchase of the iPhone.

How many have received

In such a simple way, students were able to exchange 1493 smartphones before they got to the core. According to preliminary calculations, Apple lost $ 895,800 - $ 600 for each smartphone.

At the same time, the students themselves say that they did not know that the devices were counterfeit. They were supposedly convinced that they were just taking their share of the service. True or not - to decide the court.