Two Chinese students tricked Apple for nearly $ 1 million

Two students from China, studying in Oregon on student visas, were able to achieve a simple

a way to “earn” almost a million dollars on your iPhone.

How it works

Yangyang Zhou, who just receiveddegree in engineering from the University of Oregon, he was involved in the delivery of smartphones from China to the USA. He was sent counterfeit iPhones from the Middle Kingdom, which were passed off as original ones in the States.

Then his accomplice Quan Jiang got involved(Quan Jiang), who is attending Lynn Benton Community College. He took such smartphones to the Apple Store, demanding to replace them. The iPhones allegedly did not turn on, so employees who could not verify the authenticity of the devices exchanged them for new, but no longer fake gadgets. It appears that company representatives did not require any proof of iPhone purchase.

How many have received

In this simple way, students were able to exchange 1,493 smartphones before they were snapped up. According to preliminary estimates, Apple lost $895,800—$600 for each smartphone.

At the same time, the students themselves say that they did not know that the devices were counterfeit. They were allegedly sure that they were simply taking their share of the service. Whether this is true or not is for the court to decide.