Facebook Gaming has released two exclusive games based on the Pokemon universe for browsers

While Epic Games is fighting with Valve for timed exclusives, Facebook has quietly released two Pokemon games that

available only on the social network.

What is known

New Facebook Gaming exclusives include Pokémon Tower Battle and Pokémon Medallion Battle.

Pokémon Tower Battle is now available globallyand is reminiscent of Tetris, but with physics puzzle elements. Players take turns landing Pokémon on the island, building a “living tower” of virtual creatures. The main task is to hold out as long as possible, and the user who drops the animal outside the platform loses.

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Pokémon Medallion Battle is currently only availableon the territory of the Philippines, but it looks much more interesting. This is a trading card game in which Pokémon are represented in the form of medallions. Gamers can build decks, compete with other users, win stadium badges, and even collect “pocket monsters.”

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Both games use the Facebook Instant platformGames and run directly in the browser. Thus, the company continues its attempts to attract an audience of gamers, which began with the launch of a tab with broadcasts and “Instant Games”. According to Facebook, the platform attracts 700 million monthly users who play or watch gaming videos.

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