Two fun: Apex Legends will add a duet mode and you should not miss it

Apex Legends stands out from the rest of the "royal battles" team battles. Yet Respawn is not shy

to experiment, and decided to add a duet mode.

What is known

If you usually play with a friend and don’t want to takeinto the team of the third "random", then do not miss the upcoming update of Apex Legends. The developers announced that from November 5, the game will have a duet mode, but temporarily, although Respawn did not say when it will be turned off.

So far, players are available solo modeShadowfall, which Respawn launched as part of the Halloween Fight or Fright event. According to the rules, 34 players fight on the field. After death, the fighter is reborn in the form of a dead man and cannot use weapons, but on the other hand, he gets reinforcement for a melee attack, jump and movement speed. Disable Shadowfall on November 5, on the day of the duet mode.