Two main disadvantages of wooden houses in comparison with brick ones

Are you planning to build a wooden house? It is indeed considered more environmentally friendly and pleasant to look at than

brick. However, such a construction still has a number of disadvantages. Discuss

Natalya Pereskokova, a real estate expert, explained what to keep in mind when planning to build a wooden house. The fact is that such houses, compared with brick not considered durable.

On average, according to the expert, the service lifea brick house is 80 years old, but a wooden one is only about 40-50 years old. At the same time, a wooden building can last longer if properly cared for. In this case, the quality of the wood plays an important role: the quality of the whole house and its durability depend on this.

The second disadvantage of a wooden structure is flammability. The expert emphasizes that, in general, wood burns better than brick. Therefore, it is so important to treat the house with fire-resistant substances at the very beginning of construction.