Two patches did not help fix the air leak on the ISS

As the astronauts said during the NASA broadcast, the Russian segment of the ISS has not yet succeeded

eliminate the leak.

According to Russian cosmonaut SergeiRyzhikov, on the night of Sunday, December 27, he closed the hatch to the intermediate chamber of the segment, where the leak was recorded, in order to check its tightness. After 18 hours, he opened the hatch and found out that the pressure had dropped from 730 to 620 mm Hg during this time. This means that the leak persists.

The Russian cosmonauts reported the situation with the leak to the Mission Control Center (MCC), which is located in the Moscow region.

As RIA Novosti was told in Roscosmos, the crack does not threaten the ISS and the crew: now experts are deciding how to fix the problem.

Recall that the first leak on the ISS wasrecorded in September 2019. In August-September 2020, after its speed increased fivefold, the crew twice closed the hatches in the ISS modules to check their tightness and was isolated for several days in the Russian segment of the station.

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