U.S. Attorney's Office Investigates Twitter Over Fake Account Details

In the United States, Texas Attorney Ken Paxton launched an investigation into the social network Twitter after Elon Musk

said the company was violating the terms of the dealthe price of its acquisition for $ 44 billion. The reason for this statement was the actual refusal of Twitter to provide Musk with data on the number of fake accounts. Discuss

After the businessman's statement, the Texas Attorney's Officebecame interested in the situation and demanded that Twitter provide detailed information on 23 points, including monetized users and fake accounts for each month from 2017 to the present. You need to break this information into categories: fake account, spam account, and bot account, if Twitter has one.

A number of experts expressed surprise at thewhat is happening. As a rule, such situations are not considered at the state level, moreover, local authorities are usually not involved in such scrupulous investigations. And when it comes to companies as large as Twitter, then the federal Securities and Exchange Commission understands the problem.