U.S. Congressman delivers speech written by chatbot ChatGPT on the floor of the House of Representatives

U.S. Congressman Jake Auchincloss delivered his first speech in the House of Representatives

were made not by living people, but by artificial intelligence.

What does it mean

The speech was generated by the ChatGPT chatbot.The congressman specifically didn't write the speech himself or outsource it to his own experts to highlight the potential of AI and the need for more investment in research and development. In this speech, he advocated a bill to create a US-Israeli center for artificial intelligence.

The congressman's team gave ChatGPT a jobwrite a 100-word speech in the House of Representatives about the bill, submitting its text and a press release to it. The first results were not perfect, so the team had to refine the clues several times.

The result was this speech:

“I am one of the youngest parents in Congress.I know this technology will be part of my career for decades to come. And it can become a general purpose technology for my children, for the sector they have chosen to work in, it will be a key tool that they will need to use. I wanted to bring this to the attention of Congress so that we are discussing a purposeful AI policy now, and not being 10 years behind the times like many social media policymakers."